IPA Transcription

Right in Your Sheet Music!

How is that possible, transferring a phonetic transcription directly to the sheet music? It surely takes forever..?

This is where automation comes to play. With ipipapa it is possible not just to transfer the phonetic transcription directly into the score, but also to make this process mostly automatic instead of doing it manually. As a result, our product is able to produce large amounts of high quality phonetic transcriptions in a very short time. In addition to that, our software is programmed to recognise languages and dialects straight from the score. It learns from each transcription and adapts so that the next transcription is even more accurate and precise.

Our Innovation: It is important to mention, that ipipapa is the first to use an automated method of phonetic transcription directly in sheet music. With our software, we economise a tremendous amount of time and manual work and are able to deliver large quantities of top quality phonetic transcription.

Development Perspectives: Our program learns with every transcription and is thus getting increasingly precise. However, due to the complexity of lyrics, for example due to their time of origin or the peculiarities of a specific dialect, the result must be checked by our phonetic experts. This way we ensure that the transcription correctly depicts the initial pronunciation. Together with the Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich and experts in phonetics and sung language worldwide, we are continuously working on the further development of the software. That is how we will make transcription in all languages of the world in musical notation possible.

Want to see our program in action? We are currently working on updating our video-content, so be on the lookout for multilingual videos. For now, feel free to check out the videos below and take the opportunity to practice your German ;-)

If you want to see what the final product looks like, download our example scores or check out our Advent Calendar 2020! There, you will find not only sheet music excerpts, but also audio recordings and karaoke videos with phonetic transcriptions.

Try reading this in German using IPA!


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